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The Crate Craze… I Hacked It

$1.64 each! The profit margin is crazy on this one… and people are buying them like crazy! In this video, I’ll be teaching you how to make 2 different styles of wooden crates. They are super simple to make and super simple to sell!

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Welcome back guys so why am I surrounded By a mountain of crates because that's What this week's video is about breaks Are going crazy right now we'll see People doing everything with them They're building shelves they're making Furniture I've seen coffee tables they Are using them for everything the Cheapest one that I could find was 15 Bucks a piece well yeah that's not bad But if you're building something that Has six eight crates in it well it adds Up I'm going to show you how to build Two different styles of crate in this Video one is the style that I'm seeing The most and it seems like that there's One company that is making this that's The crate they're selling for 15 bucks At the local Big Box store and that Would be this style of crate so it has a Solid end and then slats I'll also be Teaching you how to make this style this Is more of just the slatted crate and This is a style that I came up with I'll Tell you right now as you can probably Tell by the title I've got the cost of Material for these down to a dollar 64 a Piece and I'll be walking you through Step by step on how to make things I Also teach you how to make those in case You like those better but you're going To pay a little bit more for those I'll Cover all that in the video so let's go Ahead and dive into it okay so for this

First one it's actually going to be the One that I'm seeing the most of in Projects and I'm guessing because it's The most available it seems like this Style is kind of found everywhere from Every store but the cheapest store that I could find this was Home Depot and They want fifteen dollars a piece so I'm Going to see if I can recreate this see What kind of price I can come up with For it and if you like this style and The price point then pretty easy to make I actually went to Home Depot purchased A one by ten which they're not cheap I Think this one was right around 15 bucks For one board you could save a little Bit of money if you actually bought a 2×10 because the crazy thing is is two By chance are cheaper than one by tens So if you have a bandsaw you can save a Little bit of money and actually cut That in half and for those that do not Actually have to buy the wood think that I can get four crates out of this one Piece of wood and cutting some strips From two by fours so per Home Depot's Just description these things are nine Inches tall by 18 inches long by 12 Inches wide the first I'm going to start By cutting my 1 by 10 or actually it's One by nine and a quarter into 12 inch Sections and to allow for the curve for The blade I'm actually going to be Putting these exactly on the 12 inch

Mark will end up leaving them about an Eighth of an inch short then once we Have those cut we'll go ahead and move On to cutting our strips as always I'm Going to throw on my PPE which is going To be my axle hearing protection and my RZ mask if you guys are interested in Either one of these make sure to check Out the links and the promo codes in the Description strips in the crate from Home Depot are a quarter inch thick by An inch and a half wide I'm going to be Using construction grade two by fours For this because right now they're only 3.28 cents a piece at Home Depot and I Can get about nine strips out of each One of these and what I've done is cut My two by four down into smaller Sections and the reason for this is Because the lumber nowadays you cannot Find straight Lumber Lumber that doesn't Have some sort of a bow some sort of Twist so every time you make a cut like This it reduces the bow it reduces The Twist by at least 50 percent depending On where it is at and it just makes it a Little bit easier to handle the board That I have against the fence is just What we call a sacrificial board so Since I'm only cutting a quarter of an Inch I don't want my blade that close to My fence so or pushes the material out Away from the fence but for the Hobby Lobby version we're going to be needing

13 pieces that are 18 inches long let's Get those cut But with our two grand boards cut now That's all that we need is our handles And cut these into place I'm going to be Using an inch and a quarter bit and a Jigsaw and to start with we need to Mark Out our placement for our angles and for This I'm actually just going to be using One of the strips that we just cut which Is an inch and a half wide then I'll Measure in three inches on each side This will give us a six inch handle then I'll line my bit up so that it cuts with The edge of our six inch Mark drill my First hole go to the next side drill That hole and then I will drill a hole On each end once our hose are cut now It's time for the jigsaw we'll use a Straight edge to connect our two holes And then cut that out once that's cut We'll just do a little cleaning with the Sander and then we are ready to assemble So with our strips cut and our two ends Cut let's go ahead and assemble this Thing and I'm going to start this Assembly from the bottom the bottom will Have five strips going across and each Side will have four strips and if you've Watched the channel much you know I have A thing for jigs I do not like Repetitive measuring especially if I'm Trying to mass produce something so take A little time make a jig

The test these strips I'm going to be Using wood glue them one inch Brad Nozzle it looks like from The Home Depot One they actually use staples I'm just Going to stick with the brad nails and If you made it this far and you think That I have earned to subscribe don't Forget to hit that little red button Down in the bottom right hand corner now I've been discussing different storage Ideas with our patreon community and They've came up with some awesome ideas If you're interested in patreon and what The group's about I'll throw a link in The description make sure to check that Out okay so this is What Home Depot sales and what you Actually see on a lot of these different Sites people are making different Shelves and things like that making this Ourself let's break this down let's say That out of a 1 by 10 and a two by four We can get four of these boxes still Totals up to be about four dollars and 32 cents a piece not bad way better than 15 a piece but I think we can do better Let's move on to the next one so this Next one is a version that I came up With I wanted to see if I could get a Nice looking crate out of just one two By four so for this next version it's Going to be all slats and then corner Brackets so this is something that I Came up with trying to figure out if I

Can get two of the same size crates I'm Only using one two by four this is what I came up with so to start with we need To take our two by four and when you're Picking this 2×4 out make sure you get One with the least amount of knots on The smallest amount of knots knots Create weakness on these small slats but First we're going to cut two nine inch Pieces off of the two by four Once those Are cut we'll head over to the table saw And we'll cut these down to one and a Half by one and a half squares so now We've got four of these one and a half Inch square boards now we'll reset our Table saw 45 degrees and rip those in Half again for this I'll be using the Sacrificial board that we discussed Earlier okay so now with all of our Corners cut let's go ahead and cut our Strips out same way that we did for the First one again all of these strips are Going to be a quarter of an inch thick And I've cut my material down to Manageable size okay so now that we have All of our parts cut again like I said We have eight boards that are 11 and a Half inches long and we have 13 boards That are 18 inches long and this is Where these little inside Corners are Going to come into play okay and for how Long have I had two pencils in my hat No clue it's better than no pencils in My hat if you did not have a jig you

Would just put a little glue on one edge Of your corner piece then you would Place an 11 and a half inch strip even With the top and bottom and put in a Couple bread nails but you'd have to Leave your finger here which is pretty Close to the nail gun Listen I do have a jig I'll go ahead and Use that and for anyone interested in The plans for this as mentioned earlier This FYI the plants for this jig will be Included Foreign We'll start by installing our two ends If you're going to be making several of These I would advise making a spacer for The end panel as well as the bottom Let's see where the bottom one comes in Here in a minute and now let's go ahead And install our side slats now this is Going to be a lot easier I actually do Not need to speak to this because we're Just lining up the side slats with the End slats from this step on we'll be Using our 13 inch grips the last time to Install our bottom slats and for this I'm going to be switching over from one Inch Nails to 5 8 Inch Nails I'm going To start by installing our two outside Pieces now is where this bottom jig will Come into play the only difference Between this one and the side jig is the Spacing is just a little bit different But if you do not have a jig or if you

Do not want to make a jig you do not Have to you can simply measure out the Equal spacing since I was making several Of these it was well worth my time to go Ahead and make the Jigs and there we Have it and this is what a crate looks Like that only costs 1.64 to make and You make two of these out of one two by Four and I think that they look great so Here are the two different versions Okay we have the one that is four Dollars and sixty some cents or whatever It is and we also have the one that's Dollar sixty either one that you choose To build they're both cool and they're Both a lot cheaper than 15 bucks so if You're doing this to make money with Woodworking the different types of Things that you can make with this is Limitless for a dollar sixty you can't Go wrong so until next time guys go out There buy some straight two by fours if You can find them and make some crates They'll sell we'll see ya